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About Our Founders

At Ali Wong’s The Milk and Money Tour - UT Austin

At Ali Wong’s The Milk and Money Tour - UT Austin

Because Miriam and Mualimu are raising two toddlers, they enjoy watching Netflix during the sparse moments in life that allow for it. Ava Duverney’s “When They See Us” is their most recent favorite, which particularly hits home because of their growing family. They also enjoy music—Selena, Leon Bridges and Hello Peril, may give you a sense of their broad taste. They wish that they could go out to actually see music because they live in the “live music capital of the world,” but who knows when that will happen…  Catching balls, toy cars, toddler stools, cheerios, and apple sauce are weekly activities that keep them more than busy. To be fair to the little ones though, even without them, Miriam and Mualimu have always kept it pretty low key and grounded.

Before starting a family, their common interests in community, heritage, family, and social change brought them together and created the foundation that has now led to the creation of their very own family business—Engineering Justice, LLC.

Through this site, they are excited to connect with small businesses and nonprofits. They especially hope to help small businesses and nonprofits make good decisions about how to structure and spend on internal operations. Mualimu worked for over twelve years as a nonprofit leader. During this time, he constantly balanced trying to make fiscally-sound decisions with the changing needs of organizations. Miriam has a long track-record of working with local organizational leaders to advance social justice. Through these experiences, she came to realize that the success of small businesses and nonprofits hinges on the condition of their internal operations, not just on mission statements, as she previously believed. For these reasons, and more to come, they are excited to use this blog to share their insight and experience with you!