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Audits & Fiscal Management: Ughhh or Yay?!

In this post we explore the dreaded audit. For some non-profits and small businesses, audits are considered a necessary evil. But, we make a case for why audits aren't all bad news! They can be a helpful way to raise capital. Fundamental to an audit--and an important element to running any business--is the management of your funds, specifically through your books. Go to the link in our bio to learn more!

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About Our Founders

Join us as we begin our journey into the blog universe! 🚀 To start, as part of building solidarity with you, we are sharing some information about ourselves. SPOILER: We’re a 🎎 duo, grindin’ on the daily. Looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience as we continue to build and grow with you!✊🏽

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