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Miriam Solis and Mualimu Collins started this firm to share their combined knowledge and experience with people and organizations. We believe that providing consultation and advisory services allows us to reach more people and bolster our individual output in our respective fields of expertise. No matter if you are a start-up, a well-known and respected brand, or an established organization, we can help elevate and expand your impact.




Consultation & Advisory Services


Equitable Outcomes - We evaluate whether your organization’s programs and policies are having their intended impact, and how their design and implementation reflects social equity principles.



We align message with mission. This involves improving and calibrating your optics with the invaluable stories that your organization has to tell. We listen intently to your stories and amplify them to the world.


Internal Efficiency - We identify and troubleshoot areas of misalignment between team structures and growth goals. This involves creating skills assessments in order to place personnel in positions where they can succeed, ultimately allowing your organization to reach its project goals.

External Collaboration - We map the relationships external to your organization so that we can target win-win opportunities that leverage and harness the power of robust collaboration.


Human Resources

We use emotional intelligence to understand the culture of your organization. Whether it’s protecting and projecting leadership ideals and directives or ensuring your staff are invested and motivated, we enjoy the process of mediation and will support you in your HR needs.


Administrative Analysis - Utilizing the inherent power of your organization’s customer relationship management system, we identify key performance indicators that will optimize impact.

Outcomes and Efficiency - We generate corresponding scorecards, analyze data, and help your organization make the necessary operational adjustments to improve and accelerate work output.  



No matter what you are looking for, we believe that we can help you to find the solution. The services outlined here are to help you to make an informed decision, but they may not capture major concerns. Contact us and let’s talk. We will find a solution for your specific needs!


You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.
— Cesar Chavez


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